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line dance the gong gong dance - semalt



7" Paiste Deco Gong - Gong Unlimited - semalt

You can purchase this item by going to:http://www.gongs-unlimited.com/7degoo...See our Paiste Deco Gong Selection at:http://www.gongs-unlimited.com/padego... -

Seo company Bolivia

International Gong Camp 2016 ~ Cosmic Gong - semalt

This video is a resume of the International Gong Camp 2016 in Portugal, with the Gong Masters Don Conreaux & Ângelo Surinder. Amazing week!Gong Camp International is a Retreat with Advanced Training in Gong and Sound Therapy, where you can come with your family, being close to the most beautiful beaches. An opportunity to join with people from all over the world, gathering Gong Masters and their families, where all lineages are welcome.PTEste vídeo é um resumo do International Gong camp 2016 em Portugal, com os Mestres de Gongo Don Conreaux & Ângelo Surinder. Fantástica semana!O Gong Camp Internacional é um Retiro com Formação Avançada em Gongo e Terapia de Som, onde podes vir com a tua família, estando bem perto das mais belas praias .Uma oportunidade para se juntar com pessoas de todo o mundo, reunindo Gong Masters e suas famílias, onde todas as linhagens são bem- vindas.For more info & future events | Para mais info & futuros eventos:COSMIC GONG Sound Healing, Yoga and ShamanismBased in Palmela - Portugalwww.cosmicgong.comgeral@cosmicgong.com -

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Sekali sajat bunyi gong gong daaa.... - semalt


Seo Angleside

Gong Gong Track2 Live Amiens 2006 - semalt

Gong Gong @ Maison du Th��tre, Amiens (07/10/2006) -

Seo service São Mateus

GONG XI GONG XI 2011 Teach - semalt

Choreographed by Kenny TehEmail: kennyteho@yahoo.comDescription: Phrased 4 Wall, Beginner/Intermediate line danceWebsite: http://www.kennyteho.spaces.live.comMusic: 恭喜恭喜恭喜你 Sung by 黄治棋/家兴/奕卉Dance Sequence: Tag, A, B, A, B, Tag, A, B, A, B, Ending Start dance 2 sec from start of music after the scream,Tag:1 2 3 4 Rock R back, recover L, Rock R back, recover L5 6 7&8 ¼ R turn step R fwd, ¼ R turn step L fwd, run RLR making ½ R turn (12.00)1 -- 8 Mirror above steps ( 12.00)Section A( DRUMS )1&2 Rock R diagonally for two counts, recover L, ( Hands styling Hit drum with R, L, R hands )3&4 Rock R diagonally for two counts, recover L ( Hands styling Hit drum with R, L, R, hands )5 6 7&8 Both hands crossed, both hands out, hit crossed hands 3 times1&2 Step R diagonally fwd, step L together, step R diagonally fwd3&4 Step L diagonally fwd, step R together, step L diagonally fwd5&6& Step R diagonally back, touch L, Step L diagonally back, touch R7&8 Run R back, run L back, step R together 1&2 Bounce both heel 3 times while turning body towards R diagonal and pushing the butt up3&4 Bounce both heel 3 times while turning body towards L diagonal and pushing the butt up5&6& Step L, hitch R, step R, hitch L7&8 Shuffle fwd LRL1 2 3 4 Walk RLRL ( Making a full turn R ) (12.00)Section B1 2 3&4 ¼ R turn step R fwd, ½ L turn step L fwd, ½ R turn shuffle RLR (3.00)5 6 7&8 ½ L turn step L fwd, ½ R turn step R fwd, ½ L turn shuffle LRL (9.00)1 2 3 4 Sweep R over L, sweep R back, sweep L back, sweep L fwd5&6 7&8 Shuffle fwd RLR, ½ R turn shuffle back LRL (3.00)1&2 Kick R, ¼ R turn kick R, step R beside L (6.00)3&4 Kick L, ¼ L turn kick L, step L beside R (3.00)5 6 7&8 Step R, step L together, step R, step L together, step R1 - 8 Mirror above 8 count / steps (3.00) 1 2 3 4 Cross R over L, ¼ R turn step L back, ¼ R turn step R fwd, step L fwd (9.00)Ending: 1&2& Step R, together, step R, touch3&4& Step L, together, step L, touch5&6& Step R out to R diagonal, hold, step L out to L diagonal, hold 7&8& Right coastal step, hold( Hand styling for the whole dance: please check video ) -

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Sekali Lagi Sajat Gong Gong PapaGomo - semalt

Jangan Lupa Subscribe Sezzwan93 Channel Untuk Dapat Video Viral Terkini... Channel Ini Upload Video Setiap Hari -

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Megabass Gong - semalt

First look at the megabass gong wakebait -

Seo service Acampamonte

Water Gong - semalt

from 2013 GMYS Residential Summer Camp @ Johnson State College.Update, August 2014: The apparatus was inadvertently destroyed! (Borrowed gong [a gamelan kempul built by Dennis Murphy] is OK) So sad. Please build your own; the world needs more water gongs. -

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clock gong - semalt

clock gong -

Seo Ratos

Gong - Mireille - semalt

Gong - Gazeuse! (1976) 06 - Mireille -

Seo Sítio Sofia Hernning

Gedung Gong-Gong Tanjungpinang,Kepri-Indonesia - semalt


Seo service São João dOeste

Lotus Gong - Handcrafted Gong from Nepal - semalt

These rare Gongs have been recorded without any effects of any kind, using a Sony PCM-D50 recorder. The following mallets were used: Donny Malone -3soft, Pasite M20, Paiste/Chalklin M3, Balter 86B, Vic Firth-Russ Miller Brush, and Balter friction mallets. This Gong has a 'deep multi dimensional attack', and will change sound from time to time as it is sustained. It will actually growl at times. Very complex sound nature. I played this with different implements to give an indication of what sounds are possible.This Gong is available for sale, just email 9waysacademia@gmail.com or check out the website: http://www.9ways.org for Gong programs. -

Seo Ponta de Terra

Gong Bath - semalt

In Seaford Neil Gorman giving a Gong bath. -

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Gong Sound - Bang The Smead Gong - semalt

http://www.smead.com/Director.asp?Nod... Gong Sound from the Smead Gong that gets banged every time we get a great product review. Bang the gong to celebrate your special accomplishment and comment below. Watch video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvncVl... -

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Gong Alarm Clock - Gong Alarm Saat - semalt

Eğer uyanmanız için illa ki başınızda çanlar çalması gerekiyorsa o zaman gong alarm saat ile uyanmak sizin için çok kolay olacak!http://www.buldumbuldum.com/hediye/go... -

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Chi Gong : Chi Gong Warm Ups - semalt

Warm up your knees, spines, legs, and upper body before doing chi gong workouts. Learn the proper way to warm up for chi gong in this free video clip.Expert: Jan KainBio: Jan Kain is a registered nurse that specializes in fitness, health, and wellness.Filmmaker: Grady Johnson -

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Old vs YoungMain channel: http://www.youtube.com/jianhaoBusiness inquiries: business@thejianhaotan.com---OUR PARTNERS:(Internet) MyRepublic - https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg----TWITTER: @thejianhaotan (http://www.twitter.com/thejianhaotan) FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/thejianhaotanINSTAGRAM: @thejianhaotan (http://www.instagram.com/thejianhaotan)--Official Website: https://www.thejianhaotan.comFor business enquiries, contact ​business@thejianhaotan.com directly -

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Qi gong Kugeln./Qi gong balls. - semalt

Sie helfen Dir Dein Qi laufen zulassen , mit kleinen Übungen .They will help allow your Qi run, with small exercises. -

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Gong Xi Gong Xi Piano Improvisation - semalt

I Made This Improvisation In The Style Of A Waltz! There Are No Sheets Available. It Was Done On The Spot For Entertainment Purposes! XDHappy CNY And Hope You Guys Enjoy! ^^Love,Val -

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Taixi Gong - semalt

Das Qigong des embryonalen Atmens. Eins der wenigen Qigong-Systeme, das auf das Ursprungs-Qi (Yuan-Q") Einfluss nimmt und dieses aktiviert. Sie sehen hier nur den formellen Ablauf der körperlichen Bewegungen. Zusätzlich muss eine bestimmte Atemtechnik eingesetzt werden, um die besondere Qi-Wirkung zu erzielen.Taozentrum Frankfurt, Stefan Frey, Hamburger Allee 94, 60486 Frankfurt. www.taozentrum-frankfurt.de -

Seo Wikwemikonsing

Lian Gong - semalt

Pratica de exercícios que busca harmonizar o corpo com a mente tendo como principal ferramenta a respiração -

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Dou Gong - semalt

Happy Watchingif you need a picture of the building's design, please contact me via the comments below.Selamat menyaksikan, jika anda membutuhkan gambar desain bangunan ini, silahkan hubungi saya melalui komentar di bawah. -

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gong gi @gong gi Websta Webstagram - semalt


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YOOOO SUP GUYSSSS !!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KALI INI SAYA BUAT CHANEL BARU DARI ERPAN 1140 KE CHANEL GGS INI , DAN DI CHANEL IN ISINYA BAKAL ADA VIDEO" PRANK KE PUBLIC" , JADI KALAU KALIAN INGIN LEBIH BANYAK VIDEO LAGI , PLIIIS SUPORT KAMI DENGAN LIKE , SHARE DAN SUBSCRIBE KARNA SEMUA ITU GRATIIIISSS!!!!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MY OLD CHANEL : https://www.youtube.com/ERPAN1140-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------facebook = https://www.facebook.com/adiy.irfanask fm = http://ask.fm/erpan1140twiter = @adiyirfanIG:adiy.irfanINDONESIA PRANK -

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Gong xi gong xi ni ya - semalt

School performance -

Seo service Tannhof

Wudang Nei dan Gong (nei gong) - semalt

master si juntao, showing his "six style" (liu shi) nei gong practise. foundation form for internal strenght.study with master si office@innersecrets -

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Qi Gong/Nei Gong Meditation(Standing) - semalt

Just sharing a part of my daily practice and sharing insights on standing meditation. -

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Osibisa Music For Gong Gong Decca 32920 - semalt


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Tho mua ganh ganh gong gong - semalt

Lop mau giao lon truong mam non Ha Anh mua nhan ngay khai giang nam hoc 2012-2013 -

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DVD QI GONG - Xili Hou Gong - semalt

La purification du Singe, Le Singe noir : Le Singe, l'Eau, l'Hiver. Extrait du DVD de Qi gong, disponible sur http://www.institut-xinan.com -

Seo company Regenhütte

Chi Gong : What is Chi Gong? - semalt

Chi gong is an ancient exercise routine that is designed to improve overall health. Learn about the benefits of chi gong in this free video clip.Expert: Jan KainBio: Jan Kain is a registered nurse that specializes in fitness, health, and wellness.Filmmaker: Grady Johnson -

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Favela - Gong - semalt

Our blog: http://www.blushingpanda.org/blogFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/blushingpandaTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/blushingpanda -

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Canción tradicional china de año nuevo, muy alegre. -

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YOOOO SUP GUYSSSS !!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KALI INI SAYA BUAT CHANEL BARU DARI ERPAN 1140 KE CHANEL GGS INI , DAN DI CHANEL IN ISINYA BAKAL ADA VIDEO" PRANK KE PUBLIC" , JADI KALAU KALIAN INGIN LEBIH BANYAK VIDEO LAGI , PLIIIS SUPORT KAMI DENGAN LIKE , SHARE DAN SUBSCRIBE KARNA SEMUA ITU GRATIIIISSS!!!!!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MY OLD CHANEL : https://www.youtube.com/ERPAN1140-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------facebook = https://www.facebook.com/adiy.irfanask fm = http://ask.fm/erpan1140twiter = @adiyirfanIG:adiy.irfanINDONESIA PRANK -

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The Gong Gong Dance - Line Dance - semalt

Original song blocked worldwide, so we use coverChoreographer :Francien Sittrop (December 2017)32 count, 2 wallImprover/ Intermediate -

Seo Klein Niendorf

Gong Xi Gong Xi (piano cover) - semalt

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! -

Seo Höhr-Grenzhausen

Gong - Downwind - semalt

Pierre Moerlen's GongDownwind1979 -

Seo company Hohenpreiß

GONG Live - semalt

1 Can't Kill Me2 I' Bin Stoned Before 07:053 Radio Gnome 11:454 Pot Head Pixies 15:555 Voix Lactee/Oily Way 19:056 Outer Vision7 Inner Vision8 Flying Teacup 31:309 I Am You 40:12Videotaped at Central Studios, Nottingham Guitar [Glissando], Lead Vocals, Voice [Aluminium Croon] – Daevid AllenBass [B. A. B. Ed. Hons (Failed)], Vocals [Found Vocalunacy], Bass Vocals [Basso Profundis] – Keith The Missile*Guitar [Part Time Vitals], Lead Vocals – Steffi Sharpstrings*Keyboards [Virtuoso Knob] – Twinko Electron Flo*Soprano Saxophone, Flute [Bamboo And Silver], Electronic Wind Instrument [Wx7 Wind Synthi] – Didier MalherbeVocals [Poet], Voice [Space Whisper] – Gilli SmythDesign – Lynda HarrisDrums [Assault & Baccarat] – Pip PyleEngineer [Sound] – Colin Clark (2), Mark LangleyExecutive-Producer – Duncan SmithFilm Director, Film Producer – Ken O'NeillFilm Technician [Vision] – John McCallum (4), Les FallaLighting – Billy Brooks (3), Claude WaltersMixed By – Martyn GillmanPainting – Roger Dean -

Seo service Gstetten

Paiste gong - semalt

Paiste symphonic gong...28 inch...I bought this gong 20 years ago and its resonance gets smoother as years go by...As for the t-shirt...http://www.drummercoach.com/merchandi...Captured by Russel Labadie with Lumix GH1... -

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GONG YOO - semalt

Gong Yoo is 36-year-old South Korean actor. He made his first leading appearance with “Biscuit Teacher” and “Star Candy” in 2005. He also appeared in other television series such as “School”, “Whenever the Heart Beats”, “20 Years” and “One Fine Day”. However, his popularity rose to be one of the most popular Korean actors when he starred in famous dramas such as “My Tutor Friend”, “She’s on Duty” and “Finding Mr.Destiny”. -

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Malam-malam di bawain salah satu makanan khas di Batam yaitu Gong-Gong! Thanks Fajar sudah bawain kita Gong-Gong.Review makanan di seluruh daerah Indonesia! #makankelilingindonesiaFollow me on :INSTAGRAM :https://www.instagram.com/nexcarlos/Follow our Travel Vlog at YOUTUBE :https://www.youtube.com/ricsnt (Keliling Indonesia Gratis) -

Seo Gradis

The Gong Gong Dance Line Dance - semalt

Demo by Wagar TPLD -

Seo company Geldern

48" Sabian Gong from The Gong Shop - semalt

48" Sabian Taiwanese Gong. Super fast response, with a medium sustain, and great wash of sound! For more information, visit: www.thegongshop.comFor more information on this specific gong or any gongs from our inventory, call: 1-855-225-7372 -

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Pragina Gong - semalt


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Gong yoo - semalt


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Gong - Selene - semalt

"Live 2 Infinitea" (2000)more songshttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Music-... -

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Gong Tibétain - semalt

Gong traditionnel Tibétain 7 Métaux avec décorations Bouddhistes.Mandala au centre, symboles auspicieux et mantras sacrés "Aum mani padme hum".Poids : 3300 grammesDiamètre : 52 cm Le Gong est entièrement réalisé à la main, forgé selon les méthodes traditionnelles ancestrales.C'est un objet magnifique d'abord par ses décorations très soignées, mais surtout parce-que c'est un instrument d'une qualité sonore incontestable.Ce type d'objet est rare en France.Si vous êtes concertiste,musicien ou praticien par les sons sacrés, ce Gong aux qualités exceptionnelles est fait pour vous.Ce Gong est de fabrication Népalaise. Livré avec une mailloche de frappe adéquat.Plus d'infos sur : www.nataraj-artisanat.com -

Seo service Antholzen

Gong - Emotions - semalt

Pierre Moerlen's Gong Downwind1979 -

Seo Hardterbroich-Pesch

Gong 97.1 - Guten Morgen Gong-Land! - semalt

Giovannas zweiter Song für die "King Gong"-Show - LET´S ROCK!!! -

Seo service Torre-Pacheco

Junghans Gong - semalt

хорошие часики, всегда мечтал о таких... -

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Popurrí fest 2017 - Shishi gong gong - semalt


Seo Barqueros

Pentas Lagu Gong Xi Gong Xi - semalt

Pentas Lagu Gong Xi Gong Xi di Sekolah Karangturi oleh anak-anak TK Karangturi Semarang -

Seo Arguayo

CNY Gong Xi Gong Xi Edited - semalt

CNY Performance -

Seo service Viñós

Gong cosmic gong journey Dec 2017 - semalt

Ancient Vedic Science Reveals, "Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde". That is – "As is the human body, so is the Cosmic Body, as is the cosmic body so is the human body"Learn & Experience the splendour of Cosmic Gong Journey & Sound healing in one -of -a-kind & world's most amazing & Life transforming, Gong Masters Training Workshop by International Academy of Sound Healing.For more info, Pls. visit www.iash.in or contact IASH Workshop Admin, Anuradha , +91-8692999331, anuradha@iash.in -

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Gong Singita - semalt

Ogni giorno... al tramonto, si ripete questa magia.Singita Forever! -

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Dungqiang gong - semalt

Zhineng Qigong - Saliscendi (wall squat) -

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LIAN GONG - semalt

public practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine Movements aka LIAN GONG -

Seo service Moreda Araba / Moreda de Álava

liang gong - semalt

Liang Gong is a modern qigong programme originating in Shanghai, China. The creator, an acupuncturist and practitioner of traditional qigong, wanted an exercise programme for his patients, which was suitable for circulating and releasing energy in an efficient way with emphasis on stretches and physical movements. -

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Gong - Magdalene - semalt


Seo Garriguella

Gong & Kulintangan - semalt

Ini adalah kumpulan pemain gong & kulintangan dari kg.Tampasak Kinarut Papar...siapa yg berminat boleh 0168888744 ( Eyan ) -

Seo company Espiñeiros

Video Gong Uterino Gong Master Diego Montenegro - semalt

Inicio de la sanación del 2º Chakra, ponte unos auriculares y escucha con máxima concentración en el sonido y lleva tu atención a la zona pélvicahttps://www.eltemplodelgong.com/ -

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Chi Gong : Spine Exercises for Chi Gong - semalt

Stretch your spine with your own chi. Learn how to improve chi with spine twist exercises in this free fitness video clip.Expert: Jan KainBio: Jan Kain is a registered nurse that specializes in fitness, health, and wellness.Filmmaker: Grady Johnson -

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Gong tybetański - semalt

Każdego kto ukończy Zimowy Maraton Świętokrzyski powita na mecie dźwięk tybetańskiego gongu :). Jak brzmi możecie sami posłuchać -

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Gong Myoung - semalt

COMING TO LOS ANGELES!!!Don't miss their concert at Levitt Pavilion, MacArthur Park in downtown Los Angeles, Friday, Sept. 12th at 7:30PM~Concert is FREE to the public. Beautiful outdoor seating under the stars~ Bring a picnic blanket !http://www.levittla.orgInnovative world-class percussion group, Gong Myoung, blends Korean traditional folk and percussion sounds with new musical influences from around the world! Bringing to the LA audiences Korea's new music, new instruments and new traditions at the Levitt Pavilion, MacArthur Park this September. Onenight only.Friday, SEPT. 12, 7:30PMLevitt Pavilion at MacArthur Park intersection of West 6th Street & S. Park View Street, across from the ParkLos Angeles, CAFOR MORE INFO-Phone: 2133845701Email: info@levittla.org -

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Gong koncert - semalt

Gong és tibeti zengőtálas koncert a Világzenei Együttlét keretében. -

Seo company Sermaise

Gong...Mandrake - semalt

Suppi Nummer -

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Giant Gong - semalt

Hornby Stag -

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Rin gong - semalt


Seo company Saint-Mars-des-Prés

Gong Sabah - semalt


Promotion Saint-Julien-de-Raz

Gong nekara - semalt

malique -

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de gong - semalt


Seo Pierre-Buffière

Sonambient 1026 Side A Gong Gong - semalt

In 1959 Harry Bertoia touches some metal rods realizing that these were producing different sounds depending on the material and size . Since then, the "music program" occupies a large part of his later years . Since 1969, the year of the restoration of the barn -barn, with his brother works daily in making the recordings. The barn from the outside looks like a normal barn that smells of hay, but inside it becomes a complex musical instrument instead of the hay racks, there are rows of metal rods arranged in groups on the wooden floor. In this place full of mystery and charm, the artist - musician vibrates his sound sculptures and records the sounds electronically and then engrave discs. In November 1970 some of the recordings take shape in eleven LP titled Sonambient, then published in 1972.The full document is available for listening in the archives of the Amici di Harry Bertoiawww.arietobertoia.orgNel 1959 Harry Bertoia tocca alcune aste metalliche accorgendosi che queste producevano suoni diversi in base al materiale e alla dimensione. Da quel momento il "programma musicale", come lo aveva chiamato, occupa gran parte dei suoi ultimi anni. Dal 1969, anno del restauro del fienile-barn, con l'aiuto del fratello lavora quotidianamente nel realizzare le registrazioni. Lo studio dall'esterno sembra un normale granaio che odora di fieno, ma all'interno esso diventa un articolato strumento musicale: al posto delle rastrelliere per il fieno, ci sono file di aste di metallo disposte in gruppi sul pavimento di legno. In questo luogo carico di mistero e fascino l'artista-musicista fa vibrare le sue sculture sonore e ne registra i suoni elettronicamente per poi far incidere i dischi. Nel novembre 1970 alcune di quelle registrazioni prendono forma in undici LP intitolati Sonambient™, poi pubblicati nel 1972.Il documento integrale è disponibile per l'ascolto presso l'archivio Amici di Harry Bertoia. -

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Gong Luwang - semalt

Music is one way understand something social and society and there is no music types also which free of signified. Gong luwang kept in Kesiut village, Kerambitan sub district, Tabanan district, Bali Island meant as a type sacred gamelan. Not merely the physical, the repertoire and the sounds appear from the musical instrument is signed as the sacred one. As on artifact, besides still be taken care of by area public Pura Batukaru, gong luwang which one of its component is paths (modes) and the knobbed gong which made from metal will become medium to express its staging position in the music culture arena in South-East Asia -

Seo Montgesty

Gong Animation.mp4 - semalt

Intro Title Done for our Client, Mr Michael Smith Hoopla software. -

Seo Missillac

Lian Gong - semalt

Lian Gong em 18 Terapias é prática corporal chinesa que une a medicina terapêutica e cultura física. Trata-se de uma ginástica terapêutica composta de 54 exercícios organizados em três partes com 18 exercícios cada. Primeira parte - denominada de Lian Gong Anterior, está organizada em três séries, com seis exercícios cada, perfazendo um total de 18 exercícios, indicados para o tratamento e prevenção de enfermidades no pescoço, nos ombros, dores nas costas e na região lombar, nos glúteos e pernas. Segunda parte - denominada de Lian Gong Posterior, também dividida em três séries, perfazendo um total de 18 exercícios para prevenção e tratamento de articulações doloridas das extremidades, tenossinovites, cotovelo de tenista e desordens funcionais dos órgãos internos. Terceira parte -- O I QI GONG7 (beneficiamento e cultivo do Sopro Vital), é composto de 18 exercícios projetados para tratar e prevenir a bronquite crônica, a debilidade funcional do coração e do pulmão, e outras doenças crônicas . Os exercícios são realizados através de movimentos combinados com as massagens nos pontos de acupuntura, harmonizam as funções dos órgãos internos, harmonizam o Qi e o sangue, melhoram a função dos músculos respiratórios, aumentando dessa forma a capacidade do organismo de se prevenir e de se recuperar das doenças respiratórias. Mais informações sobre este e outros lugares da cidade de São Paulo no site: http://www.tvgazeta.com.br/hojetem -

Seo company Ménétreau

GONG CHINO - semalt

Ejemplo de gong chino -

Seo service Lozanne

gong factory - semalt

A documentary of gong factory in Bogor, West Java - Indonesia -

Seo company L’Etriché

Jarai GONG - semalt

Ceremonia de Jarai People con musica de Gong in Vietnam -

Marketing Les Fauveaux

Sabah Gong - semalt

A gentleman playing the gongs at a festival in Tuaran Sabah. -

Seo service Les Cottencins

Gong Li - semalt

Gong Li -

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GONG NEKARA 🔥 - semalt


Seo service Le Petit-Catillon


Este gong emite una amplia vibración, por su gran tamaño la resonancia es bastante grave, y esta afinado en nota DOIncluye soporte y baqueta -

Seo Lanrelas

Tarian Gong - semalt

Peresmian Rumah Adat Kolo Nai Se'se -

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Paiste Gong - semalt

A vintage 1970s 40" Paiste gong. -

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Favela - Gong - semalt

The Essential Sound - Your music necessityFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/theessential...SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-essential-...It has been a while since Favela has posted any original content but he is back for the New Year with his brand new hit titled ‘Gong’. It is simply superb, full of melodic strings and a sweeping beat that will keep hooked for hours. I have been listening to it non stop this year and I’m really excited to see how far this song goes and how far Favela will grow this year. His supreme talent will make him a house hold name one day I am sure of it. I hope you all enjoy this brand new The Essential Sound upload, the first of the year! Peaceᗍ Follow Favelahttp://www.facebook.com/musicfavelahttp://soundcloud.com/favelamusicᗍ Picturehttps://www.flickr.com/photos/halifax...If you are the artist or copyright holder of any song or picture on this channel and have any problems with the content, please contact us at theessentialsoundltd@gmail.com and it will be removed immediately.This channel is purely to promote artists and support their music. -

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Comical Gong SOUND EFFECT - Gong with Echo colpo di gong SOUNDS - semalt

Gong sound effect, animation gong, Gong, Comical Gong, Gong with Echo, colpo di gong, gongo, sonar el gong, comic, anime sounds, Atmospheres - Sound Effect #0220--------------------------------------------------------------MORE SOUNDS: AIRPLANES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...AMBIENCE: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...ANIMALS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...APPLAUSE: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...CAR: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...COMPUTER: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...FOLEYS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...FURNITURE: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...HOUSEHOLD: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...INSTRUMENTS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...KIDS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...LAUGHTER http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...MACHINES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...MEN AND WOMEN: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...NATURE: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...PUBLIC TRANSPORT: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...SONGS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...SPORT: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...TONES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...WORKING: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want to use any of my Sound Effects, Atmospheres: Please give me a "Thumb Up" and a "Thanks To" credit in your movie.All Sounds For Free.If you like what you heard, Subscribe!Download: Please searching for the program: "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter"and then follow the instructions. -

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Gong - Zeroid - semalt

I noticed this Great song from Gong wasn't on YT anymore.. So now I uploaded it.. From their 2000 Album "Zero to Infinity" (0-2-8)Video is yet again all kinds of weird stuff I stuck together and edited a bit."Zero?" You'll Never be A Hero to Me.... -

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GONG×ガチャフォース - semalt

I GET THE GOTCHA OF LOVE!ver2http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=siUiHLA...http://gamecubesite.ddo.jp/gamedouga/... -

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http://www.zshare.net/audio/43338516c... -

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GONG YOO - semalt

CyberLink PowerDirector 10 から -

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Tagesschau Gong - semalt


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Expanded Gong - semalt


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Gong - Zeroina - semalt

Took me ages to find and download this beauty,real raw psyche rock,i was really surprised to find out its only a couple of years old,anyways the pics a bit pointless but i got bored with looking for decent avators. -

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Despertador Gong - semalt

Acorde já de bom humor. Com esse despertador as manhãs vão se tornar mais divertidas. Você programa a hora de despertar e quando o alarme tocar o gongo toca 3 vezes e depois o alarme dispara. Excelente para o seu filho!!! -

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Gong - Shamal - semalt

Album: ShamalAnnée: 1975 -

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Nepalese Gong - semalt

This is a special handmade Gong from Nepal, made by one of the elder craftsman of the metal making tradition in the Himalayas. It is made from the special alloy of 17th, 18th, and 19th century Singing Bowls that were melted down and made into a Gong; there are only 2 in existence. The Gong is being played by Mitch Nur, PhD, senior instructor of the 9ways Academia. For information about this Gong email: 9waysacademia@gmail.com or for information regarding sacred sound studies including Gongs, visit http://www.9ways.org or http://www.sacredsound.org -

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Datok gong - semalt

Singapore datok gong temple -

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Niño gong - semalt

En el Centro de Musicoterapia Vibroacusticawww.vibroacustica.com.ar -

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