- Seo Cossack - Faber: Cossack Ride

Cossack Squat Development - semalt



Nightcore - Cossack Lullaby - semalt

Music: Cossack Lullaby - Казачья колыбельная песняFollow me on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tr-ng-h-u-ph-c...Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tr-ng-h-u-ph-c... -

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Kraemer - Cossack Dance - semalt

From the AMEB Fifth Grade (Series 7) Violin lists. Here I'm playing solo, but the piece has a piano accompaniment.Enjoy! -

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Cossack II - France - semalt

Original soundtrack from PC game "Cossack II : Battle for Europe" -

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Cossack Fire Dance - semalt

Cossack Fire Dance from Call of the Cossacks (Peter Graham). Fanfare St. Cecilia Millingen aan de Rijn, conductor Dick Bolt. -

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How to Pronounce Cossack - semalt

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140,000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!Visit my homepage:http://www.emmasaying.com -

Seo Castle Doyle

Cossack & Frizz - Video/Ansage - semalt

Hier ist die Ansage zum bald erscheinenden Videoclip zu dem Track "Bleib In Der Hood" . -

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4 point cossack squats - semalt

active pelvic mobility exercise -

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fodens play "cossack dance" - semalt

foden (o t s) as they were known then play cossack dance under the direction of howard snell . best of brass ( mid 1980's) -

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Cossack dances (3/5) - semalt

Canciones y bailes de la tradición y el folklore rusos -

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Shermitsii . Cossack sabre(shashka) - semalt

Traditional cossacks games SHERMITSII. Stanitsa Romanovskaya, Rostov region, Russia -

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Cossack`s glory - semalt


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Cossack shashka Kubanskaya - semalt

Replica of cossack shashka "Kubanskaya" made in Volgograd (former Stalingrad) Russia. Got interested? Whant to get one for yourself? Write me at ladabride@gmail.com -

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Cossack Filly Press - semalt


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Ukrainian Cossack Haircut - semalt

Music in the video is played by Haydamaky - a Ukrainian folk rock band. The name of the song is "Jihav Kozak za Dunaj" -

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Cossack Dnepr MT9 - semalt

My Cossack (Dnepr MT9).Featured on www.westhouses.myzen.co.uk -

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Cossack sticky hands - semalt

Russian Martial Art (SYSTEMA)Info:ssc.oleg@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/sschungary -

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Barynya Cossack dance - semalt

for booking contact Mikhail Smirnov at 1-201-981-2497 or visit company's website http://www.barynya.com -

Seo Pongaí

Bent-leg Cossack - semalt

This is a major modification of the Cossack squat, one that overcomes many of the limitations of the original. Shot in Regan's lovely studio (Google Haxby Pilates), we used her Mathwork room to shoot a quick description of this new exercise. I will be recording and uploading this exercise to our Vimeo on Demand channel too, as a free download.I consider this part of both Master the Pancake as well as Master the Pike programs, as this movement targets the hamstrings and adductors both. The lovely aspect of this is that it uses the reciprocal inhibition reflex to get a deeper hamstring stretch than an ordinary stretch can.I do not describe for this, but the usual ones for the hamstrings can be added.Consider joining the Stretch Therapy Forums (www.kitlaughlin.com/forums). You only need a real email address to join and post your questions. If you write to me directly, I may ask you to join the Forums, and repost your questions on the there, so others may benefit.Much more information and many articles will be found on my Home page, too. http://www.kitlaughlin.com/. You can find the Forums link there too, and if you go to the "Five Rs" section, a large number of free audio relaxation sessions can be downloaded.Finally, you may care to have a look at my blog:http://kitlaughlin.wordpress.com/. -

Seo Mãe Luzia

Mafia 2 - Cossack - semalt

Sports Tuning~ Top Speed: 123 mph (198 km/h)~ Max. Power: 321 hp (239 kW)~ Weight: 4850 lb. (2200 kg) Duesenberg SJ Arlington Torpedo Sedan, 1933 -

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Goblet Cossack Squat - semalt

To learn how to use this and other functional bodybuilding moves to improve your training or find out more about individual and group programs, sign up for free email tips at https://revival-strength.com. -

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Cossack Dancers ukdancersforhire - semalt

Cossack dancers for hire, the very best in Russian dancing available for Corporate events, Weddings, private parties etc.CHRISTMASHow would you like an enchanting, spectacular Cossack extravaganza at your Christmas Party? The vodka and champagne could flow whilst being entertained or you could be captivated by the Cossacks in-between dinner courses.Imagine how impressed colleagues or business associates would feel after experiencing your unique hospitality.All experiences are individual and tailored to our clients needs.THEATREThese Cossacks have delighted theatre audiences by making guest appearances in productions such as The Tsarina’s Slippers, Royal Opera House, London(December 2009).Why not have professionals appear in your show? Invite the Cossacks along and see what the critics have to say..Big Brother’s Bit On The SideThese Cossacks were recently seen on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side every Saturday night. The dancers were seen at the end of the programme, creating bespoke choreography each week to a music track that has been chosen by the evicted celebrity.Add a bit of Russian flavour to your special occasion!EnquiriesTelephoneUK : 07768606088Outside UK: +44 (0) 7768606088E-mail: enquiries@ukdancersforhire.co.ukwww.ukdancersforhire.co.uk -

Seo Marmeleiro de Cima

Cossack Voskhod - II - semalt


Seo Jardim da Barra

WW2 Russian Cossack Hat - semalt

Ww2 Russian Cossack Hat used by the Russian Volunteers in the German Army. Very nice original example. We buy WW2 Militaria for the fairest prices anywhere. http://www.ww2militariacollectibles.com -

Seo Stio Tabapu

Batgirl Deadly Cossack Trap - semalt

Batgirl Yvonne Craig Third Season Batman "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use" -

Seo Sítio Adão S. Santé

Cossack Lullaby (Казачья колыбельная) - semalt

"Cossack Lullaby". author of verses: russian great poet Mikhail Lermontov, singer: Alexander Donskikh, Album 'ReMaik' -2000 by "Zoopark" group " -

Seo Pedra do Una

Benicia HS - The Cossack - semalt

Benicia HS performing the march "The Cossack" at the 32nd Annual Foothill Band Review in Pleasanton, California. -

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Goblet Loaded Cossack Squat - semalt


Seo company São Miguel e João Aragão

The Kuban Cossack Сhorus - semalt

The Kuban Cossack Сhorus -

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ЗАСВИСТАЛИ КОЗАЧЕНЬКИ - cossack march - semalt

"Засвистали козаченьки" — українська народна пісня, авторство якої приписують напівлегендарній піснярці з Полтави Марусі Чурай.Пісня стала відома широкому загалу завдяки Якову Кухаренку котрий 1836-го року включив її до п'єси «Чорноморський побит на Кубані»[4]. Згодом композитор Микола Лисенко, написавши до неї музику, ввів пісню «Засвистали козаченьки» до своєї опери «Чорноморці» (1872). У 1937 р. її використали композитори Левко Ревуцький та Борис Лятошинський, здійснюючи нову музичну редакцію опери М. Лисенка «Тарас Бульба». Мару́ся Чура́й (1625—1653) — напівлегендарна українська народна співачка та поетеса часів Хмельниччини, яка, за переказами, жила в Полтаві. Їй приписують авторство низки відомих у народі пісень: «Ой не ходи, Грицю», «Котилися вози з гори», «Засвистали козаченьки» та інші. Також відома як Маруся Чураївна.За переказами, Маруся Чурай народилася в 1625 (за іншими версіями — у 1628 або 1629) році в сім'ї козацького сотника Гордія. Після смерті батька, який у 1648 році був спалений як бунтівник у Варшаві на багатті, залишилася жити з матір'ю в Полтаві. В юності дівчина мала багато залицяльників, серед яких був молодий козак Іскра Іван Якович, але своє серце вона віддала Грицю Бобренку (за іншими версіями — Гриць Остапенко), сину хорунжого Полтавського полку, з яким згодом таємно заручилася. Зі спалахом Хмельниччини у 1648 році Гриць вирушив на війну, обіцяючи повернутись. Дівчина чекала на нього 4 роки. Проте коли Гриць повернувся до Полтави, він вже не звертав уваги на Марусю, бо покохав іншу, Ганусю із заможної полтавської сім'ї. Зраджена дівчина не витримала втрати та вирішила отруїти себе зіллям, що вона таємно взяла у місцевої бабусі-відьми, але яке ненароком випив Гриць. Улітку 1652 року полтавський суд засудив Марусю до страти, але її було амністовано універсалом Богдана Хмельницького, який приніс Іван Іскра, де зазначалося дарувати їй життя «за заслуги її батька та солодкі пісні». Для покути дівчина ходила на прощу до Києва, але повернувшись у 1653 році до Полтави померла у віці 28 років, не перенісши смерті коханого (за іншими даними — в 1652 році у Полтаві від сухот невдовзі після амністії або стала монашкою якогось з українських монастирів).(Вікіпедія) -

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19th Century Cossack Wedding - semalt

Film production of Cossack wedding at Pirogovo Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine. -

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Cossack of Ukraine. Saber. - semalt

Possession of all types of traditional weapons.The author's combat system "HoPaK".Vast expanses of martial arts 442. -

Seo Rockwood

Cossack dances (2/5) - semalt

Bailes y canciones de la tradición y el folklore rusos -

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Raneshenko Ранёшенько Cossack Song - semalt

Russian Folk Band "Kristall-Balalayka" at Morning TV SHOW RTL-KLUB (Budapest, Hungary). Traditional old cossack song with folk dances. For more info, audio and videos: http://www.balalayka.com.Фольк-шоу группа "Кристалл-Балалайка" была создана выпускником Саратовской государственной консерватории Сергеем Рябовым. Талантливый педагог собрал возле себя единомышленников - учащихся музыкальных школ. Сначала коллектив был чисто инструментальным. Но вскоре рамки непоющего ансамбля показались слишком тесными. Фирменным стилем группы стал синтез виртуозной игры на русских народных инструментах и многоголосного вокала, основанного на традициях народного пения. Дискография: "Гуляю-гуляю" (2000), "От ворот поворот" (2004), "Помню я" (2006). Группа записала саундтреки с оригинальной музыкой к анимационным фильмам "Дорожные жалобы" (2006), "Страсти по Шагалу" (2007), "Небесные качели" (2008). В январе 2008 года группа "Кристалл-Балалайка" стала победителем первого Интерактивного музыкального конкурса "Интерзвезда". -

Seo Wideview

Biaseda Cossack Song - semalt

Biaseda, Belarus' famous folk group sing a Cossack song in their inimitable "style". Lovely -

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Cossack Folk Music - semalt

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the music, give it a thumbs up and please subscribe for new videos! -

Seo Vordertodtmoos

Cossack Sabre Dance - semalt

1.3.2014 - Russkaya Maslenitza v Vene -

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Kudrinka Cossack Dance - semalt

Excerpt from concert May 2008. KUDRINKA is an amateur adult and youth folk and modern dance ensemble that resides at Moscow's MosMetroStroi Palace of Culture -

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The Sleepwalkers - Cossack - semalt

The Sleepwalkers - Cossack (live Tilburg 31-3-2007) -

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Cossack II - Egypt - semalt

Original soundtrack from PC game "Cossack II : Battle for Europe" -

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Cossack II - Britain - semalt

Original soundtrack from PC game "Cossack II : Battle for Europe" -

Seo Sachsenhausen-Nord

TRX Cossack Squat - semalt

Start in a wide squat stance with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and your hands on the TRX handles to stabilize your weight. Squeeze your glutes and pull your core in before sitting back into a squat. Shift your weight to one side of your body while letting your foot on the straight leg flex up. Press your heel into the ground of the leg you are stretching and push your knee out to the side of the foot that is staying flat on the ground. -

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Nightcore- Cossack Lullaby - semalt

Feel free to suggest a song, multiple songs, or an album and I shall try my best to make a nightcore of it.Here is a link to the image: http://image.masterart.com/tsmedia/Le... I use VideoPad Video Editor for the editing and VirtualDJ (7) Home for the actual sound editing.I do not own the picture nor the song. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." -

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Faber: Cossack Ride - semalt

學生練習記錄 -

Seo Ofenwinkel


Descripcion:ID: G41CYMPlataforma: (Android)Premio: (Weyland)Quiero un Medico de Campo para ayudar a mi clan Shadow Strike y llevarlos a la victora.Suscríbete para mas vídeos :-DAgradecimiento a f3nand0 por ser el antagonista de mi video, gracias men :-P -

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Cossack [WiP] - Small And Feisty - semalt

The upcoming T8 RN DD the Cossack is looking quite promising. It has its share of weaknesses, low hp pool, slow speed and quite pitiful torps. But the combination of firepower, concealment and sheer utility makes it quite enjoyable, if a bit tricky, to play. -

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Cossack-song march (Pokrass-Tchernetsky) - semalt

Cossack-march by S.A.Tchernetsky (on the themes of "Cossack-song" by Dmitry and Daniil Pokrass brothers). Band of the Soviet People's Commissariat of Defense(Ministry of Defence), conductor major general Tchernetsky, rec.1938.Марш "Казачья песня" С.А.Чернецкого (обработка "Казачьей"("То не тучи, грозовые облака") братьев Покрасс).Оркестр НКО СССР, дирижер С.А.Чернецкий, 1938 год. -

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Exercises with cossack nagaika whip - semalt

Whips featured in this wideo can be purchased at http://www.ebay.com/usr/russianwhips -

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Cossack Dance & Stunt Riding.DAT - semalt

ukrainiancossack@mail.ru -

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Soviet-Swedish cossack dance - semalt

Soviet-Swedish cossack dance -

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Cossack Dancing Group Project - semalt

Never really learnt to do it properly, or did I?Anywho, this is the video part of the group project where we had to develop and carry out a training program to learn a motor skill.Note: Yes I did injure myself in the final performance. It'll all fine now though.Thanks Judy and Jensen! Props to Judy for making the vid! -

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Пелагея - Казак (Pelagea - Cossack) - semalt

Русская Масленица: фестиваль в Лондоне, 7 февраля 2010Выступление ПелагеиSee more at http://staronki.blogspot.com/2010/02/... -

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DB Goblet Cossack Squat - semalt


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РУСЬ - Kuban Cossack Choir - semalt

SUBTITLES (Lyrics): Русский (Russian).Lyrics: Ivan Savvich Nikitin (Иван Саввич Никитин)Music: Viktor ZakharchenkoЮбилейный концерт "Кубанскому казачьему хору 195 лет" - 26 октября 2006.Солистка: Елена Куликовская Jubilee concert in the State Kremlin Palace "Kuban Cossack chorus of 195 years!". Moscow, October 26, 2006.Soloist: Elena KulikovskayaРУСЬПод большим шатром Голубых небес –Вижу - даль степей Зеленеется,И на гранях их, Выше темных туч,Цепи гор стоят Великанами.По степям в моря Реки катятся,И лежат пути Во все стороны.Посмотрю на юг –Нивы зрелые, Что камыш густой, Тихо движутся;Мурава лугов Ковром стелется, Виноград в садах Наливается.Гляну к северу –Там, в глуши пустынь, Снег, что белый пух, Быстро кружится;Подымает грудь Море синее, И горами лед Ходит по морю;И пожар небес Ярким заревом Освещает мглу Непроглядную...Это ты, моя Русь державная, Моя родина Православная!Широко ты, Русь, По лицу земли В красе царственной Развернулася!У тебя ли нет Поля чистого, Где б разгул нашла Воля смелая?У тебя ли нет Про запас казны, Для друзей стола, Меча недругу?У тебя ли нет Богатырских сил, Старины святой, Громких подвигов?Перед кем себя ты унизила?Кому в черный день Низко кланялась?На полях своих, Под курганами, Положила ты Татар полчища.Ты на жизнь и смерть Вела спор с Литвой И дала урок Ляху гордому.И давно ль было, Когда с Запада Облегла тебя Туча темная?Под грозой ее Леса падали, Мать сыра-земля Колебалася,И зловещий дым От горевших сел Высоко вставал Черным облаком!Но лишь кликнул царь Свой народ на брань –Вдруг со всех концов Поднялася Русь.Собрала детей, Стариков и жен, Приняла гостей На кровавый пир.И в глухих степях, Под сугробами, Улеглися спать Гости навеки.Хоронили их Вьюги снежные, Бури севера О них плакали!..И теперь среди Городов твоих Муравьем кишит Православный люд.По седым морям Из далеких стран На поклон к тебе Корабли идут,И поля цветут, И леса шумят, И лежат в земле Груды золота.И во всех концах Света белого Про тебя идет Слава громкая.Уж и есть за что, Русь могучая, Полюбить тебя, Назвать матерью,Стать за честь твою Против недруга, За тебя в нужде Сложить голову! -

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Celia Aubert, Cossack Dance - semalt

Dr. Alan Huckleberry, pianoThe University of Iowa Piano Pedagogy Video Recording ProjectIMTA Level B2Carl Fischer, 1934 -

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Cossack Squat + Advanced Variations - semalt


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Cossack show (Zaporizhia - Ukraine) - semalt

Cossacks (Ukrainian: Козаки́, Kozaki; Russian: Каза́ки́, Kazaki; Polish: Kozacy) were members of militaristic communities living in Ukraine and southern Russia.Towards the end of the 15th century, Zaporozhian Cossacks had established a Cossack host in the steppe of Ukraine around the Dniper River. In the 16th century, the Don Cossacks established another host in the Don River basin.The Dniper Cossacks of Ukraine formed the Zaporozhian Sich. Initially a vassal of Poland-Lithuania, the increasing social and religious pressure from the Commonwealth caused them to proclaim an independent Cossack Hetmanate, initiating by a rebellion under Bohdan Khmelnytsky in the mid-17th century. Afterwards, with the Treaty of Pereyaslavl with Russia signalled the start of the Commonwealth's decline but also brought most of Ukraine under Russian control for the next three hundred years.[1]The Don Cossack Host, allied with the Tsardom of Russia, began a systematic conquest and colonisation of lands to secure her borders on the Volga, the whole of Siberia, the Ural and the Terek Rivers.In the 18th century the Russian Empire's expansionist ambitions relied on ensuring the loyalty of Cossacks, which caused tension with their traditional independent lifestyle. This resulted in rebellions led by Stenka Razin, Kondraty Bulavin and Yemelyan Pugachev. In extreme cases whole Hosts could be dissolved, as was the fate of the Zaporozhian Sich in 1775. By the end of the 18th century, Cossacks were transformed into a special social estate; they served as border guards on national and internal ethnic borders (as was in the case in the Caucasus War) and regularly supplied men to conflicts such as the numerous Russo-Turkish Wars. In return they enjoyed vast social autonomy. This caused them to form a stereotypical portrayal of 19th century Russian Empire abroad and her government domestically.During the Russian Civil War Cossack regions became centers for the Anti-Bolshevik White movement, a portion of whom would form the White emigration. The Don and Kuban Cossacks even formed short-lived independent states in their respective territories. With the victory of the Red Army, the Cossack lands were subjected to famine, and suffered extensive repressions. During the Second World War Cossacks fought for both the Soviet Union and for Nazi Germany, a choice which led to what has been called the 'Betrayal of Cossacks' by the Allied forces after the war, as the Soviet Union executed 'repatriated' Cossacks and again engaged in repressionary policies against their group. After the Collapse of the Soviet Union, the Cossack lifestyle and its ideas have made a return in Russia. Special Cossack units exist in the Russian Military, while Cossacks also have a parallel civil administration and police duties in their home territories that have become an integral part of contemporary society. There are Cossack organizations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries. -

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What Is a Cossack? - semalt

An attempt at providing a more nuanced answer and setting up context for future videos that will be developed on the massive topic of What is a Cossack/ Who were/are they?Here I try my best to show that the answer is both more simple and convoluted than one could imagine.The Three Following Links are for mentioned sources for understanding What Cossacks were at given times in History.:The warrior Cossacks of Ukraine - BBC News - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1k1h... History Of The Cossacks Until World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kLAv...History of the Ukrainian Cossacks - Історія українського козацтва https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpMKX...Some Academic Articles:Grau W. , Lester. 1993. “The Cossack Brotherhood Reborn: A political/military Force in a Realm of Chaos” Low Intensity Conflict & Law Enforcement Vol. 2, No. 3Peter Burns Key Timeline Points http://www.returnofkings.com/58673/ho...Toje, Hehe. 2006. “Cossack Identity in the New Russia: Kuban Cossack Revival and Local Politics.” Europe-Asia Studies, Vol.58, No.7, pp. 1057-177. Stable URL:http://www.jstor.org/stable/20451288Artists Featured:IonChirita - http://ionchirita.deviantart.com/art/...Jozef Brandt: A Camp of the Zaporozhian Cossacks Ilia Repin: The Zaporozhian Cossacks Write a Letter to the Turkish Sultan As always feedback is very much needed and welcomed, I still struggle with my english and getting caught up with proper pauses and not saying um because in Ukrainian we use a word Alle all the time as a space filler and to show that one is thinking, it is akin to how westerners use "like" I will continually do my best to make conscious efforts to purge this from my speech! None the less This video is no where near what I would like it to be but it needed to be made so that the plethora of much better and shorter and exciting videos can be made on the topics I really like to and am capable of talking about. -

Seo Döttenweiler

Life of a Cossack - semalt

Contemporary photographs of Cossacks people. Who live by ancient traditions and live by the warrior code in the Modern world. Similar to past tradition of European knights or Japanese Samurai. -

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Cossack Ukraine. Зупинки зброї. - semalt

Дніпро. Нарізка виступів козака Колоброда.Українська народна пісня "Ой, розвивайся та, сухий дубе".Vast expanses of martial arts 224. -

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TRX-Assisted Cossack Squats - semalt

TRX-Assisted Cossack Squats: A regression from unassisted Cossack squats, these are a fantastic multi-planar hip mobility exercise.http://www.WillLevy.com -

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Exercises with Cossack whip - semalt

These exercises are available to all. Men, children and women. They are a social positive effect. Remove negative mental programs. Free breathing. Relieve stress and a variety of fears. Help to become self-reliant and independent personality. Dependent and weak person will be afraid to work with his whip. That would help her get started, turn to rhythmic music. Music will settle and start.Эти упражнения доступны всем. Мужчинам, детям и женщинам. Они имеют социальный положительный эффект. Снимают негативные психические программы. Освобождают дыхание. Снимают стрессы и различные виды страхов. Помогают стать самостоятельной и независимой личностью. Зависимая и слабая личность будет боятся работать нагайкой. Что бы помочь ей начать, включите ритмичную музыку. Музыка поможет освоиться и начать. -

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body weight cossack squat - semalt

active hip mobility exercise -

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#WarRobotsAéreo Challenge ( Dios Cossack ) - semalt

id: DZE5DAPlataforma:androidpremio: spectrepst: al ataque con DIOS COSSACK :-0 y su mejor amigo spectre denle su sabroson -

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The Ukranian Cossack Brotherhood - semalt

Some Top Cossack dancing at the wheeltappers and shunters social club -

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Cossack dances (4/5) - semalt

Canciones y danzas del folklore y tradición rusos -

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Movement Library: Cossack Squats - semalt

www.garagestrength.com -

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Systema Bootcamp Cossack Whip - semalt

Description: Systema Bootcamp Cossack Whip training for health. -

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Cossack video by PiraSv - semalt

Download now and play WWR for free:iOS — http://m.onelink.me/bbf26c28Android — http://m.onelink.me/e0b3cfcbForums: http://wwr.mobi/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walking.war.... VK: http://vk.com/warrobots -

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Ion Cossack vs scourge CossackBoth Cossack are max level but the both weapons are same lvl8,Scourge is one of strongest weapon in war robots, but surprisely ion won at 600mtr distance, checkout full videos for details.Don't forget to like comment subscribe 😁😘🤗FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...PAYPAL [ https://www.paypal.me/mhembram69 ] -

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Russian music - cossack ensemble - kalina - the black sea's cossack - semalt

russian music -

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Khors - My Cossack Way - semalt

Band: KhorsSong Title: My Cossack WayGenre: black metalCountry: UkraineYear: 2014Lyrics:В моїй душі неспокійЩоночі заснути не можуПередчуттями темними тривожитьПришпорює стрімкість коня.Серце переборює думки,Дні мої зливаються в роки,Весни порив крізь поверхню води,Мої руки тягнуться до сили небесноїМій Козацький шлях - Де ліси переходять в степМій Козацький шлях - Де гори могутні стоятьМій Козацький шлях - Вітер розвіває у полі колоссяМій Козацький шлях - Що проросло над козацькими кісткамиНе обніму я поля і води,Не надивлюсь на рідну землюЯ обніму передчуття бідиІ обніму у серці своїм рануМій Козацький шлях - Де ліси переходять у степМій Козацький шлях - Де гори могутні стоятьМій Козацький шлях - Вітер розвіває у полі колоссяМій Козацький шлях - Що проросло над козацькими кісткамиМій Козацький шлях - Серце переборює думкиМій Козацький шлях - Дні мої зливаються в роки.This is for promotional purposes only.DISCLAIMER: All music and images belong to the their rightful owners.The credit is theirs alone. I do not own any of the music.Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. -

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New Cossack Whips (Nagajka) - semalt

Cossack Whips.Custom manufacturing. -

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Kuban Cossack Choir Concert - semalt


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NAGAYKA - russian cossack whip - semalt


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Cossack - Sag mir [4ZuDer1Muzik] - semalt


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Sumi Jo -- Cossack Lullaby - semalt

from her CD Missing you.................. i love this song, her voice it's just perfect!!!!!!!!!! XD -

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KB Goblet Cossack Squat - semalt


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Cossack dancing Doraemon remix - semalt

Fragmento inédito de la de la pelicula Viy (1967) que fue censurado por mostrar contenido ilícito para la época en que fue rodado el largometraje. Uno de los protagonistas nos muestra un sensual baile casi comparable a La Lambada. -

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Cossack Squats - Beast Training - semalt

Cossack Squats -

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CBRPS Cossack firing test - semalt

Firing demonstration of the Mosin Nagant Cossack by CBRPS - firing as a pistol -

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Казачья колыбельная (Cossack Lullaby) - semalt

This is a Cossack lullaby I found about a mother singing her baby to sleep and thinking about the dangerous life a cossack leads. I'm sure you can tell by the pictures I chose that I am a geat admirer of Tsar Nicholas (and therefore a great hater of commnism). I also have a great love of Slavic culture even though I'm not Slavic (unfortunatly) Here are the lyrics in Russian. They do not exactly match the lyrics in the video but I liked these lyrics the best.1. Спи, младенец мой прекрасный, Баюшки-баю.Тихо смотрит месяц ясный В колыбель твою.Стану сказывать я сказки, Песенку спою;Ты ж дремли, закрывши глазки, Баюшки-баю. 2. Сам узнаешь, будет время, Бранное житье; Смело вденешь ногу в стремя И возьмешь ружье.Я седельце боевое Шелком разошью...Спи, дитя мое родное, Баюшки-баю. 3. Богатырь ты будешь с виду И казак душой.Провожать тебя я выйду — Ты махнешь рукой...Сколько горьких слез украдкой Я в ту ночь пролью!..Спи, мой ангел, тихо, сладко, Баюшки-баю.4. Стану я тоской томиться, Безутешно ждать;Стану целый день молиться, По ночам гадать;Стану думать, что скучаешь Ты в чужом краю...Спи ж, пока забот не знаешь, Баюшки-баю. 5. Дам тебе я на дорогу Образок святой:Ты его, моляся богу, Ставь перед собой;Да, готовясь в бой опасный, Помни мать свою...Спи, младенец мой прекрасный, Баюшки-баюHere is the English translation. Bayushki bayu is a Russian expression 'to lull a baby to sleep' 1. Sleep, my beautiful good boy, Bayushki bayu*, Quietly the moon is looking Into your cradle.I will tell you fairy tales And sing you little songs, But you must slumber, with your little eyes closed, Bayushki bayu.2. The time will come when you will learn The soldier's way of life, Boldly you'll place your foot into the stirrup And take the gun.The saddle-cloth for your battle horse I will sew for you from silk. Sleep now, my dear little child, Bayushki bayu.3. You will look like a hero And be a Cossack deep in your heart. I will accompany you and watch you go, You will just wave your hand.How many secret bitter tears Will I shed that night! Sleep, my angel, calmly, sweetly, Bayushki bayu.4. I will die from yearning, Inconsolably waiting, I'll pray the whole day long, And at night I'll wonder,I'll think that you're in trouble Far away in a strange land. Sleep now, as long as you know no sorrows, Bayushki bayu.5. On the road, I'll give you A small holy icon, And when you pray to God, you'll Put it right in front of you,While preparing for the dangerous battle Please remember your mother. Sleep, good boy, my beautiful, Bayushki bayu.I do not own anything in this video.Credit for audio and images go to their rightful owners. This video is for educational and informative use only. -

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Cossack sword work,blindfolded.... - semalt


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Cossack rawhide whip - nagayka - semalt

This Cossack nagayka, made of rawhide on traditional technology. It was from the rawhide that the Cossacks used to make their whips. Length 90 cmПриобрести мои работы можно здесь : http://www.livemaster.ru/kdv-shopГруппа Вконтакте https://vk.com/leatherkdvIf you want to buy this bag, please contact kdv1997kdv@gmail.com -

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Cossack Squat + Twisting Squat - semalt

form/mobility check on Cossack Squats and Twisting Squats -

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Al Duncan - Cossack Walk - semalt


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Al Duncan - Cossack Walk - semalt

4 All the music lovers!!! -

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"The Cossack`s Song" - semalt

The Cossack`s SongCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. -

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The Sentimentals - Cossack Patrol - semalt

Swedish group The Sentimentals play a version of "Cossack Patrol". -

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Jumping Jewels - Cossack melodies - semalt


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Cossack Dance from "Mazeppa" - semalt

Armstrong Chamber Orchestra, Lorraine Jones Director.This is the November performance of Cossack Dance from "Mazeppa" by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Hannah is Co-Principle Flute and Piccolo. -

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Cossack dancers from Russia - semalt

Cossack dancers from Russia -

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Systema - The Cossack Whip - semalt

The Cossack Whip is great for learning how to relax and breath while experiencing pain. The whip also helps to remove tension that has been trapped in the body over years of poor posture and holding on to fear that we my not even be aware of.. -

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Башлык Cossack bashlick hood - semalt

I am delighted to offer you hand-made bashlick hoods - an element of traditional cassock costume which can be worn nowdays as well^ they are great protection against wind and snow and look cool too! I have bashlicks made of sheep wool and gabardine, however I can have them made for you to order in any fabric and color available on the market ) https://www.etsy.com/listing/55666736... -

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Tchaikovsky - Mazeppa - Cossack Dance - semalt

Tchaikovsky - Mazeppa - Cossack Dance -

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kettlebell offset cossack squat - semalt

active hip mobility and strength exercise -

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Cossack Lullaby guitar cover - semalt

ผมเพิ่งอ่านตัวโน๊ตดนตรีได้แค่ 1 วัน อาจจะเล่นไม่ตรงต้นฉบับ ^_^I just read the Musical notes just one day. may not play the original. ^_^ -

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Fryday Kyiv Cossack Night - semalt

In the autumn of 2016 popular networking community Fryday Kyiv invited Ukraine's international community to don their vyshyvankas and to celebrate their love for Ukraine!Traditional Ukrainian restaurant Korchma Taras Bulba and local American football team Kyiv Patriots (along with their cheerleading counterparts) assisted in creating the perfect Ukrainian atmosphere. Together guests, event staff, footballer players and cheerleaders alike enjoyed traditional Ukrainian musicians from the Virsky Ensemble, a healthy selection of drinks & snacks from national Ukrainian cuisine, masterclasses in the art of creating verenyky and magical amulet motanka doll and much laughter and enjoyment! For more information the best parties and themed-events in Kyiv simply search for Fryday Kyiv on social media. -

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MM8BDM V5B Cossack Machine - semalt

Chapter 4 BossI was confused about that wave attack, but it was just me being dumb and not noticing the sparkling on the Cossack sprite. I really love multiple bosses at once. Picking who to defeat first is an interesting concept. (also the metdaddy surprise was good.)Game Link: http://cutstuff.net/mm8bdm/ -

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Russian Cossack folk song - semalt

More obscure russian folk music: click on the link for a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN0Xq... -

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